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Wokingham Walking
This is Peter's personal web site, reflecting my interests in walking, particularly the Wokingham health walks.

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Site updated: 19th March 2017
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If you are organising activities for walkers and would like publicity on this web site, please let me know.

I would also welcome pictures of walking or social events for display in the gallery.

Computer security. I am getting scam emails, apparently sent by fellow walkers, containing unlikely forms of greeting (such as "hi pwa") and links to unknown web sites. The senders' email addresses have been spoofed - the emails have not, in fact, come from the named sender. It seems likely that one or more of my fellow walkers' contact lists (which include both my email address and the "sender's" email address) have been hacked by criminals.
Do you keep your firewall and virus-checker up to date, by downloading all of the updates you have been offered? Microsoft in particular send out many security updates every month and so do Symantec, Norton, McAfee, Kapersky and Zone Alarm, Adobe and others.
If you receive unexpected emails from someone you know, always check with them that they are genuine before opening the message.
Never click on any links in any unexpected emails and delete them from your inbox immediately.
Quarterly newsletter. The Wokingham Council healthwalks latest newsletter will be available for reading or downloading by clicking here. On the page that appears, click 'Health Walks' then scroll down a few lines.
Statistics for the longer walk on Sunday 26th February 2017
Longer walk - Sunday 26th February 2017.

David's walk was attended by 30 walkers and followed a route from Russell's Water Common through Park Corner to Swyncombe, where the snowdrops were still looking good. From here, it went via the Ridgeway, Greenfield and Pishill Bottom back across Russell's Water Common. A cloudy, windy day but remaining mostly dry.
Sad to report another loss to the Wargrave walk; Trevor Walker died on Wednesday 1st March.

Application form for the quiz/wal/lunch on 29th April 2017 - Social events page