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Wokingham Walking
This is Peter's personal web site, reflecting my interests in walking, particularly the Wokingham health walks.

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Site updated:21st September 2021
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Computer security. I am getting scam emails, apparently sent by fellow walkers, containing unlikely forms of greeting (such as "hi pwa") and links to unknown web sites. The senders' email addresses have been spoofed - the emails have not, in fact, come from the named sender. It seems likely that one or more of my fellow walkers' contact lists (which include both my email address and the "sender's" email address) have been hacked by criminals.
Do you keep your firewall and virus-checker up to date, by downloading all of the updates you have been offered? Microsoft in particular sends out many security updates every month and so do Symantec, Norton, McAfee, Kapersky and Zone Alarm, Adobe and others.
If you receive unexpected emails from someone you know, always check with them that they are genuine before opening the message.
Never click on any links in any unexpected emails and delete them from your inbox immediately.
Quarterly newsletter. The Wokingham Council healthwalks latest newsletter is available for reading or downloading by clicking here. On the page that appears, click 'Health Walks' then scroll down a few lines.
Leaders and back markers
There really is a dire shortage of leaders, particularly back markers. If you are a regular walker, being a leader or back marker takes up little more of your time than just walking. You can determine how often you are rostered and for which walks and we have a well-used procedure for swapping duties on the odd occasion when a particular commitment turns out to be difficult for you. Please contact Glenn ( or Brian ( for further information.
Health Walks

Health walks have been resumed, but currently limited to locations where there are sufficient leaders and back-markers. It is hoped that more locations will become available from 1st October. Details of dates and locations will be provided on the Walking for Health website - click here

Resumption of healthwalks
Social events

A Christmas dinner for health walkers has been booked at the Sonning Golf Club on Tuesday 14th December 2021. Click here to download an application form to select your choices from the menu.

It is hoped to resume the usual programme of social events during the summer of 2022 but this has to be subject to any further government restrictions.
First social event for two years